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Adult Pass
2 500,- HUF/person
Child Pass1 700,- HUF/person
Student Pass1 800,- HUF/person
Senior Pass1 900,- HUF/person
Sponsor Pass
3 500,- HUF/person



Also available online at or via a free mobile app by TicketBase avaialble for both Android and iOS.

Adult Annual Pass

15 000,- HUF/person
12 000 HUF with Debrecen City Card

Child Annual Pass

11 000,- HUF/person
8 000 HUF with Debrecen City Card

Student Annual Pass

12 000,- HUF/person
9 000 HUF with Debrecen City Card

Senior Annual Pass

13 000,- HUF/person
10 000 HUF with Debrecen City Card

- Annual Passes are issued with the owner's name and photo on them (make sure to bring an ID size photo with you)

- They are valid for one year from the date of purchase or (if pre-purchased or gifted) a later date agreed upon

- They grant unlimited visits to our Zoo during regular opening hours (no entry to special events included)

- They are non-transferable and shall not be replaced if lost


Children under 3Free entry
Child Pass for 3rd/3rd+ child1 500,- HUF/person
University Couples Ticket (2 valid UNIDEB or DRHE student cards required3 200,- HUF/2 students

Child Pass for a kindergarten group of 10+ (ages 3-6)700,- HUF/person
Student Pass for a group of 10+1 400,- HUF/person
Adult Pass for a group of 10+2 100,- HUF/person
Senior Pass for a group of 10+1 600,- HUF/person
Child Group Pass for school groups (years 1-8, available twice each school year)
1 200-, HUF/child
Extra concession for groups of children or students1 free Adult Pass per 10 children/students


Zoo Pellets500,- HUF/pack
Animal Adoption
min. 6 000,- HUF/animal a month
Further information
Guided Tour in English (1 to 1.5 hours)10 000,- HUF
Pull-Along Cart Rental900 HUF a day OR 300 HUF an hour

Entry to the Zoo and Amusement Park is free of charge for all children under the age of 3.

Zoo Passes include free entry to the Amusement Park, but rides and attractions require separate tickets.



ENTRY (FREE for children under 3 along with asterisked rides)
500 HUF/person
BABY CAROUSEL (ages 4 and younger)
300 HUF/person
JUNGLE CAROUSEL (ages 6 and younger)300 HUF/person
KIDDIE RIDES (ages 6 and younger)200 HUF/person
DUCK TRAIN (ages 12 and younger, adult company required under 3)400 HUF/person
CABIN BOY (ages 3-10)300 HUF/person
BOUNCY CASTLE (ages 3-12) (NEW IN 2020!)300 HUF/ person
OLDTIMER CARS (adult company required under 4 or under 105 cm)200 HUF/person
FUNHOUSE & ROLLING BARREL (adult company required under 6)500 HUF/person
ROTO-WHIP (ages 3-14, adult company required under 6)300 HUF/person
MINIATURE TRAIN (adult company required under 6) 
600 HUF/person*
HORSE CAROUSEL (adult company required under 6)400 HUF/person*
SAFARI TRAIN (adult company required under 6)400 HUF/person
FLYING SWANS (adult company required under 10) 400 HUF/person
FERRIS WHEEL (adult company required under 10)500 HUF/person*
10D CINEMA (ages 3 and older)
800 HUF/person
OCTOPUS (ages 3 and older, adult company required under 10)500 HUF/person
BUNGEE TRAMPOLINE (ages 4 and older, 16 to 85 kg) (NEW IN 2020!)500 HUF/5 min.
FUNNY FLIGHT (ages 4 and older, adult company required under 10)300 HUF/person
TRAMPOLINE (ages 6 and older, max. weight of 110 kg)400 HUF/5 min.
BUMPER CARS (ages 6 and older, adult company required under 10)
800 HUF/car
CATERPILLAR ROLLERCOASTER (ages 6 and older, min. height of 120 cm, adult company required under 12)600 HUF/person
ZULU (ages 10 and older, adult company required under 14)500 HUF/person
ICAROS PRO (ages 14 and older, min. height of 140 cm, max. weight of 110 kg)
800 HUF/3 min.
APOLLO X (ages 14 and older) 500 HUF/person
PONY RIDES (ages 3 and older up to 140 cm and 40 kg, from 10:00 to 12:00 and 13:00 to 17:00 every day in summer and on weekends and bank holidays only in May, September and October)600 HUF/3 laps, 100 HUF/additional lap